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Connection Research is a research, advisory and consulting firm focused on sustainability.  

We provide best practice and benchmarking research to companies and market analysis to vendor of sustainability products and services.

To deliver successful projects, we draw on our network of industry experts, a proven research methodology and decades of experience in market research and technology strategy consulting.


Latest Research

Energy Opportunity 2012 
We examine all aspects of technology in the home - digital entertainment and communications, home automation, and the living environment. Data is supported by current datasets from over 1,500 homes and 4 years of trending analysis.

Where ever your business fits if it has to do with electricity and gas this report is relevant to you. 

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Order a copy today and receive the Q1 2013 update at no additional cost.


Current Surveys

William Ehmcke - Chairperson
Smart Utilities Conference - AUS/NZ
Melbourne, 22 November, 2012 

Graeme Philipson - Speaker
ICT Sustainability 2012

London, 13th November, 2012  

William Ehmcke - Speaker 
Total Facilities Conference
Sydney, 19th July, 2012 

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