Energy Industry Stakeholder Engagements

Since the inception of the business, Connection Research has undertaken work with the following industry stakeholder groups, covering a broad range of subject matter on energy efficiency and sustainability.

  • ACS - Australia Computer Society
  • AIIA – Australia Information Industry Association
  • CEDIA - Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association
  • EIANZ - Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand
  • ENA – Energy Networks Association
  • FMA – Facilities Management Association
  • GeSI - Global eSustainability Initiative, Brussels
  • LCA – Lighting Council of Australia
  • MEA - Master Electricians Australia
  • NECA- National Electrical and Communications Association
  • NRI – Nomura Research Institute, Japan
  • SBA - Sustainable Business Australia
  • SGA – Smart Grid Association
  • TEC – Total Environment Centre, and Green Capital (both NGOs)

Connection Research developed a ‘Green Collar’ employee classification systems utilised by the NSW Department of Environment and the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ)

Research Portfolio - Energy and Sustainability

Connection Research has extensive experience in conducting surveys, collecting data and metrics, and consultation processes. The company has investigated business, government, and residential attitudes, behaviour and investments, in detail, into a broad range of Sustainability issues over the past six years. 

In 2007 and 2008

  • The Sustainable Home 2007
  • The Sustainable New Home
  • The Australian Digital Atlas 2008

In 2009

  • Domestic Energy Consumption 
  • Domestic Water Usage in Australia
  • Who are the Green Collar Workers?
  • The Australian Digital Atlas 2009
  • NECA Market Monitor 2009

In 2010

  • Business Energy Consumption in Australia
  • Residential Energy Management in Australia
  • Australian Smart Grid Review (Sponsor: Logica)
  • Australian Lighting Industry Atlas 2010 (Sponsor: Lighting Council Australia)

In 2011

  • Interconnected Home Report
  • Australian Residential Energy Atlas 2011
  • NECA Market Monitor 2011

In 2012

  • Interconnected Office Report
  • Australian Carbon Ratings – Impacts for the ASX100 from Carbon Pricing
  • Energy Opportunity Report 2012/2013

In 2013

  • EO Appendix I:  Energy Opportunity – Update 2013
  • EO Appendix II:  Consumer Attitudes and Understanding to the NBN
  • Home Automation –Deployment and Trends for Australian Households
  • NECA Market Monitor 2013

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